Репетитор Aaron


Предметы: английский язык, испанский язык

Образование: High School Diploma / The Canadian Institute of English & Applied Neuroscience

Специальность: Linguistics translator in English & Spanish, Professional tutor in the English and Spanish Language

Стаж, сертификаты: 9 years

Специализация: Advanced Certificate in TESOL in English & Spanish. American English Instructor for all ages.

 Hello to all, My name is Aaron Watson and I'm from Indiana about 3 hours east of Chicago. I have been working as an Instructor for nine years now. I have worked in New York, Arizona and now I'm located in Georgia USA. I have motivating and welcoming classes.

My method is teaching with Clarity, Brevity, and Simplicity. I have strong communication skills and I believe you will enjoy to the full my exciting and informative classes. Lastly my teaching focuses on applied methods in neuroscience which is loved by all age groups. I have an open schedule and I'm anxious about working with you in an online lesson in English.

ConversationalExplore a vast array of topics as well as dialogues for instructor to student interaction. I will also teach you the 100 basic words that make up 50% of all Conversations.

I provide practice that will assist you to preform crucial tasks in the workplace or in daily life using themes such as ads, bus schedule, train route, and employee preparation, traveling. This approach will be done my reading and using the Communicative approach.

Neuroscience methodsCommunicative Approach, Biographical Database: This approach is for repetition. Brain game: When physical activities are incorporated into regular academic classes the students learn faster, retain information longer. These methods helps the student to stay awake, active and brings more oxygen to their brain, and stimulates an increase in neural activity. Teaching Idioms: Since native English speakers use them so frequently in everyday speech this is also vital in order to continue advancing in the English language.

Methods for childrenClass would involve active lessons such as Accelerated Reading, Flashcards and will focus a lot on Word Frequency: The 8 Most Common Words in English.

IntensiveThese classes encourage all serious and desirous learners that are willing to learn and study a minimum of three days per week along with a constructive and productive class.

My classes will be exciting and fun, catered to your needs. Remember that my classes focus on Clarity, Brevity, and Simplicity, the three keys to happy learning.

Preferred Student ageAccept all ages with Joy.

Preferred level of studentsPre-Intermediate, Intermediate, Upper Intermediate, Advanced.