Репетитор Boubchir


Предметы: английский язык, арабский язык, немецкий язык, французский язык

Образование: BA university diploma: translation and interpreting; Arabic, English, French and German

Специальность: Translator, interpreter, linguist professional teacher of English, French, Arabic and German

Стаж, сертификаты: 16 лет.

Специализация: Primary school Arabic teacher. Primary school French language teacher. SECONDARY schools French language, German language and English language teacher. French language university teacher. English language university teacher.

 Hello, my name is BOUBCHIR SALAH EDDINE. I am from SIDI BEL ABBES, ALGERIA. And now I’m relocated in RUSSIA in PETROZAVODSK. I have been working as English teacher for more than 16 years in ALGERIA. I have a big experience in teaching and translating foreign languages to natives and foreigners. My methodology in teaching explains my pedagogy skills issued from many years in working in these languages. Creativity and emotive methods in teaching are my skills. I believe that everyone is typical and unique in learning.

A - Oral materials:1 - Conversational: Practice speaking on many texts and topics.These will be short at first time.

B - Writing and syntaxes materials:1 - For work: Basic vocabulary building and basic grammar rules. Elementary speaking development -using a communicative approach. Depends on the student.

Services or teaching fields:1 - General Business English: These classes would focus on business related topics, exercises and building an extensive vocabulary.

2 - Traveling: How to speak correctly so to understand and to make others understanding you.

3 - IELTS: These classes will be by conversation and the choosing of the important topic to learn and to talk about.

4 - Homework: as the second step in learning any language home work must be done as an exercise to the skills and grammar rules learned before.

5 - Interview: Here with my part you`ll learn how to do and to have to right answers of any questions even you`ve got a simple English. Any beginning starts little and simple answer. And will be ready to have more preparation about this interviews or exams.

Four languages interviews: Arabic, French, English and German6 - Exams: For this part the student is free to choose the right time and even the right topic of his

7 - Marketing and Advertisement: for making any marketing work efficiency in English or other target languages is important. Here I will teach you how use this English skill for making this job even it will be in marketing matters.

8 - HoReCa: practical conversion and useful one to understand others.

9 - Children teaching: Basic word and phrase building interactive method system.

10 - HR Managers: Here dialogs and conversation must be between the manager and its team. In this we will see how to involve this manager or responsible through his responsibilities in English or other of my pairs languages. The manager will be able to communicate his plans and conversation easily and creativity.

11 - Intensive: Students will take an enormous part of them time to learn language .It will be up to them to choose the typical time. In this part students will communicate with them teacher and very fast with other natives because this is the goal of this intensive language lectures.

12 - Teachers: It is easy for the teachers to manage themselves to learn any language. This kind of challenging of them gives more emotional and amazing lecture and has a good effect to them learning.

Preferred student age:

  • Primary school (6-12)
  • Secondary school (12-17)
  • Students (17-22)
  • Adults (23-40)
  • Adults (40 AND MORE)

Preferred level of students:

  • Pre Intermediate
  • Intermediate