Репетитор Mark

Предметы: английский язык, испанский язык

Образование: ESL

Специальность: English as second language TOEFL preparation course

Стаж, сертификаты: 5+ years classroom experience 


 Hi, my name is Mark, I live in the highlands of Guatemala.

As a resident foreigner I have special insights as to learning as well as teaching a second language. I've created a very personal program to develop the skills, Listening-speaking, Reading-writing.

I take special interest in my students so I'm able to strengthen individual weaknesses. This is achieved by private tutoring.

Group classes are best for beginners. Each class has an objective and a goal.

I strive to make classes enjoyable. Wait till you hear me sing!

Beginners skills are developed in a group regardless of age.

  • Intermediate skills development
  • High intermediate
  • Conversational
  • Business
  • Advanced
  • TOEFL preparation

Each class has an objective and a goal.