Репетитор Robert

Предметы: английский язык

Образование: BA (Philosophy)

Специальность: Masters of History

Стаж, сертификаты: Educational Teacher 15 years. Teaching in American classrooms: 13 years, tutoring conversational English overseas 2 years

Специализация: Professional tutor of English, as well as a variety of other subjects


 Hi, my name is Robert and I live in the United States.

My wonderful wife and I live about 1 hour north of Miami, Florida

I have been teaching History and other subjects for 15 years and tutoring for the past five years.

I like my classes to be very personable.

I want to know my students and their needs so their lessons will be helpful and fun.

Learning English should be a pleasure, not a chore. 

You should want to come to class and leave feeling as though you have accomplished what you set out to do.

That is what my goals are whenever we begin class.

At present, I have some available time and I would like to share that time with you learning to speak American English with confidence.

Come join my class:

I like to work my classes with a great deal of "free talk” - this gives the student the opportunity to learn not only more vocabulary words, but how to use this vocabulary properly and gain self-confidence all at the same time.

Conducting class will involve many different approaches – based on the individual student’s needs. I also like to focus on building student’s self- confidence.

Preferred student age

  • — Students (17-22)
  • — Adults (23-40)
  • — Adults (40+)
  • Preferred level of students
  • — Pre Intermediate
  • — Intermediate
  • — Upper Intermediate
  • — Advanced
  • — Proficiency