Репетитор Vic

Предметы: английский язык, Японский язык

Образование: The University of Texas

Специальность: Linguistics

Стаж, сертификаты: 3 years

Специализация: Professional of English and Japanese.


 Hi, my name`s Vic and I live in Dallas/Texas USA.

I was born in Lviv/Ukraine and moved to the US when I was 4 years old. So I know Ukrainian and Russian on a pretty good level.

I`ve been teaching English for 3 years in various places including companies, Skype, private schools, speaking clubs etc..

I teach English in it`s true form as it is spoken in the west. 

A language is a system of communication and we communicate with sounds and if you change a set of sounds, you change the language. Therefore, proper pronunciation is probably the most vital thing in a language as it is a spoken thing and proper pronunciation is one of my main focuses.

I can teach you to speak like a native speaker if you really want it of course.

Come join my class:

I like to work my classes with a great deal of "free talk” - this gives the student the opportunity to learn not only more vocabulary words, but how to use this vocabulary properly, pronounce words and gain self-confidence all at the same time.

Conducting class will involve many different approaches – based on the individual student’s needs.

Vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, slang, spoken English and western mentality and all you need to know to live in America or England.

Preferred student age

  • Primary school (6-12)
  • Secondary school (12-17)
  • Students (17-22)
  • Adults (23-40)
  • Adults (40+)

Preferred level of students

  •  Begginer
  •  Pre Intermediate
  •  Intermediate
  •  Upper Intermediate
  •  Advanced
  •  Proficiency